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The best mountain bike for you and your Paths


Here would be the best mountain bike out of e-MTBs and XC speed demons for your trail bike or the most recent race-ready carbon enduro rigs

Picking the best mountain bike for you is not necessarily as simple as you would expect. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to purchase following year’s razor-sharp, race-ready scalpel or a newcomer seeking to purchase a bicycle to hone your skills around the local paths, deciding which bike is ideal for your ride fashion and local terrain may often be an overwhelming choice.

Purchasing a new mountain bike is not as straightforward as it once was, either. As technology, paths and motorcycle skills have improved, some bicycles have become slowly more tailored to specific areas, whereas others have been intended to be ridden anywhere. Downhill bikes make it possible for passengers to demolish three-minute top-to-bottom runs in face-warping pace with pure composure whereas the very best contemporary road bikes allow you to do anything from neighborhood XC loops into uplift-assisted alpine vacations. Then there is the new creation of e-MTBs. E-bikes place the uplift in your hands, allow you to multitask more riding than into a brief window, while in addition levelling out the gym area — they are excellent, but not for everybody.

What is best of all is that the variety of great bikes available on the industry today but the selection can be overwhelming. To assist you decide on, Bike Perfect has assembled a detailed guide on what you need to be looking for when buying your mountain bike, together with a listing of our favorite bicycles for a plethora of different riding areas. Continue scrolling to view our favorites or leap forward for our guide to selecting the very best mountain bike to suit your requirements .

Together with the goal of the match being flat-rate rate, cross-country mountain bikes are the quickest when the road goes down or up. They are super-light, usually include 80-100mm traveling and prioritize rate over everything else.

Insanely mild but still lots of fun more analyzing XC terrain

Traveling: 100mm
At only 820g (size medium using back axle and seat ), the Epic HT is now the lightest mass-production frameset you may purchase. On the road, this translates into new heights of uphill controlling acceleration, which in the event you are considering this bicycle, is likely a priority.

Under high-power attempts, it is stiff enough to believe there is no wasted electricity, and to establish this, Specialized also installs a Quarq electricity meter into the crankset so riders and racers alike may monitor those all-important watts. The frame is not so inflexible it frees you to pieces ; in actuality, Specialized has contributed every frame dimensions a slightly different’rider first’ carbon layup to be certain all riders get the exact same frame sense. With the assistance of skinny seat remains and a controlled 30.9millimeter seatpost, it is pliable to ride. As a result of this popular seat tube diameter, in addition, it leaves dropper post choices aplenty for those wanting to strike the gnar.

Helping to maintain the cockpit clean and lockout lever free is your Brain-equipped RockShox Sid Ultimate fork, which self-adjusts into the road — firming up for smooth segments and freeing up if the going gets tough. The fork itself also includes a briefer counter elevation, which when paired with all the twisted 68.5-degree head angle and comparatively brief bar and stem combo, provides controlled equilibrium.

This can be really a pure XC bike with an every-box-ticked specification record which will depart the racers feeling more excited than ever on the start line.

Enduro-like mindset with XC weight

Suspension: 100mm/100mm
NS is famous for its more traveling gravity cycles as well as its legendry dirt-jump legacy, therefore when it published the XC-focused Synonym it took many by surprise. However, this is not any ordinary XC bicycle; groundbreaking framework angles make it an entirely new sort of monster on the road.

The slack 66-degree head angle and steep 76.5-degree chair angle are attached by a massive 490mm reach (size large), a mixture that defies the 100mm journey and supplies the Synonym trail-bike-like art with exceptional levels of firmness and controller. The back end employs an inverted, bearing-mounted Fox shock, which coupled with an slender bend remains makes for a hyper-responsive suspension actions. The 100mm travel fork can also be cared for by Fox using its 32 Step Twist fork. Both suspension components also contain a remote lockout for if pure acceleration is necessary.

If you are really wanting to take advantage of the Synonym, then you might choose to swap into a broader pub and shorter stem compared to conventional 750mm/60mm combo to help tame the competitive mindset. The being said for people needing a more rad but likewise mild bundle, NS also supplies a TR sort of the Synonym which sees a bump up to 120mm journey plus a marginally burlier fork.

Very best mountain bicycles: road bicycles
The jack of all trades, the best Swiss army knivesmodern-day road bikes offer you the best flexibility and confidence to ride any path on the world.

Among the best-riding, handling and feeling mountain bicycles currently available

Traveling: 145mm/150mm
Best in category suspension functionality
Dialed specification listing
Industry-leading guarantee program
It comes in a premium cost
Santa Cruz identifies its present Hightower route bicycle as’your cherished mixtape compilation,’ meaning it is the company’s’best of’ all-rounder at the scope. Having spent a great amount of time on this bicycle ourselves, it is a statement we could completely get behind, also. It is among the few bikes we would do all on, from our regional XC loop to yearly gravity-fuelled alpine excursion and what in-between.

There is also a flip-chip from the reduced shock link that allows for some geometry modification. The framework may also take a 27.5+ wheel and tire installation if that is your own jam.

The reduced link-driven VPP suspension system supplies 145mm of class-leading suspension travel. Its effective climbing manner offers grin-worthy levels of grip throughout techy ascents without feeling mushy once you stomp on the pedals. When you start to descend, it proceeds to monitor the floor to maximize traction, along with the ample quantities of progressiveness imply you forget you are riding a road bike when the going gets super tough and gnarly.

The 150mm travel fork hits the sweet place to maintain the ride feel more balanced. Matching this with all the beautifully damped Santa Cruz carbon pub and strong Burgtec stem creates a dialed-in cockpit, which injects pleasure when hammering berm pockets or wrenching up steep climbs. The elegant X01 groupset keeps altering smooth while the high-power SRAM Code brakes faithfully keep pace modulated.

Why is Santa Cruz stand out farther is the no-quibbles life frame and frame-bearing warranty, which is backed with a’no missing ride period’ policy. Overall, if you are able to afford this, the Hightower is one of the best choices currently offered.

The Optic is short-travel paradise, providing an exceptionally thrilling and competent ride on each trail

Traveling: 125mm/140mm
Looking at suspension traveling , it’s easy to respect the Optic as a conventional road bike – nevertheless, look a bit deeper and you will see rad geometry characters that project control superbly over the road. A protracted 480mm reach holds along the enduro-worthy 65-degree head angle and also climb-efficient 76-degree seat angle. The BB sits slammed at 37mm under the axles (337mm over the ground ) and each dimensions gains from another length back end, which guarantees all riders, irrespective of their height get exactly the exact same handling texture.

In the core of the Optic stays a RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate DH shock unit, which when paired with the absolutely dialed in suspension kinematics makes for one of the very best feeling short-travel bikes we have ever ridden. It is a mix that really rivals the operation of a $1,000+ custom-tuned coil shocks fitted into top-shelf enduro bikes.

The general suspension atmosphere is tight instead of forgiving, which translates into a ride sense that easily generates rate from each trail feature with ideal underfoot and tire communicating. The perfect suspension bundle is addictive on the road and makes you hunt for all those hidden speed-generating compressions using a continuous cheek-burning grin.

At the cost of a weight, the componentry bundle is intended to be ridden hard, also. They are shod with Schwalbe’s mythical Magic Mary and Hans Dampf bicycle combo, which favors pure grip over rolling rate. The SRAM GX Eagle groupset ends off the everything-you-want-and-nothing-you-don’t bundle.

If you are looking for a genre-bending short-travel bicycle that prioritizes out-and-out pleasure over scaling KOM/QOMs, the Optic is really a stellar alternative. On top of that, the comprehensive package comes through in an extremely competitive cost.

Very best mountain bicycles: enduro bikes
Enduro bikes will need to have the ability to conquer large climbs that result in gnarly descents. This means that they have to be pedal effective to conserve energy but possess DH-like descending skills to conquer the toughest, longest paths. Within an Enduro race arrangement, they will need to stay composed on a number of the roughest and diverse terrain within several phases. Enduro bikes normally have between 160 and 180mm travel front and back.

Precise, rider involved, mad fast and exceptionally capable race-ready enduro rocket boat

Traveling: 150mm, 170mm
Number 4,249
Number 5,199
View in Tredz Limited
View in Tredz Limited
View all costs (4 seen )
Incredibly Quick ride
Lifetime frame guarantee
Pedals greater than many road bikes with No DH compromise
Alter Infinity connection does require routine maintenance
Cost is high for some of the part options
Buried in the core of the EWS-dominating SB150 suspension process is Yeti’s unique Switch Infinity link. It is a layout that uses two little Kashima stanchions that allow the key pivot point move marginally throughout the suspension stroke so as to supply lively climbing performance without sacrificing any additional capability. In the actual world, this ends in a tight, efficient metering way from the early elements of their 150mm journey before shifting to decrease pedal kickback for remarkable big-hit performance. Matched with a 170mm Fox 36 Factory fork makes for a remarkably balanced and natural ride, also.

Adding into the hyper-composed character is your DH-like 63.5-degree headset angle, innovative 480mm reach (big ) and sensibly low 347mm bottom mount. Compact seat tube spans render scope for upsizing too. A steep 77-degree seat tube angle also assists the SB150’s impressive climbing fashion; in actuality, it’s among the very best and most efficient metering bikes around.

We do believe that a number of the component options do not quite fit the top-dollar cost however. Matters like the mid sized GX cassette should truly be X01, also there are lots of bikes out there which get carbon brakes for less cash. Nevertheless, neither of which takes away from the top warp-speed journey quality.

The RocketMAX sports ample geometry and oozes a top steel framework texture

Traveling: 160mm, 160mm
The RocketMAX is your revolutionary enduro track-attacking boat in its own range.

Those who prefer the traction-enhancing ride, shock-shrugging and sprightly elastic feel that caliber steel frames supply will be thrilled to hear that Cotic has it dialed using the RocketMAX. The song of the frame tube strikes the equilibrium of metal compliance without feeling overly obscure or mushy under power or at large g-force descending situations. There’s some extra weight on account of this material option, but the Cotic does a great job of concealing the extra mass – it adheres nicely and stays fun on milder terrain.

If you are not utilized to the innovative geometry, then there’ll be an adjustment stage because the RocketMAX is severely long and feeble. The massive 490mm hit (size large), DH bike-like 63.5-degree head angle and comparatively long 448mm chainstays can initially feel just like you’re attempting to browse a wheelbarrow by means of a dog agility class, but once utilized to it that the managing is unshakable and thoroughly confidence-inspiring.

Reputable Hunt Trail Wide wheels wear hyper-grippy WTB tires, along with the complete build bundle was carefully chosen to provide top-drawer functionality. Additionally, there are a number of different build options available to match specific or budgets component needs. Cotic also prides itself on routine demos significance a thorough real-world evaluation ride could be carried out prior to buying.

The most intense bicycles for the most extreme terrain. Downhill bikes are intended to demolish the roughest gravity-fed paths. As there’s hardly any pedaling involved, downhill bikes feature a lot of suspension, a range of tough elements and tacky rubber.

Fantastic Price, a hoot to ride along with race-ready out-of-the-box

Traveling: 200mm, 203mm
The Sender 6 out of German manufacturer Canyon includes 27.5-inch wheels and much more streamlined geometry amounts, meaning that it stays playful – a feature that is especially attractive if you like styling this up onto gravity-fed jump lines. We picked this version as a result of the well-performing specification listing, which requires the’whatever you need and nothing you do not’ line of thought. But, pick any of the bicycles in the scope and you will be assured to find excellent value for money.

Together with 200mm of all well-controlled rear suspension travel, there is performance on supply for all from slimy origins to courageous hucks to level. The suspension and frame layout work nicely with both coil and air shocks, which means it will suit all tastes, also. We are also big fans of those well-thought-out finishing bits – things such as the back fender and cable routing program end off the bundle superbly.

On account of the wheel dimensions and geometry amounts the Sender suits riders that wish to design in on the freeride in addition to demolish serious downhill paths.

The high-pivot, multi-podium-topping monster

Traveling: 200mm, 200mm
Lightning quickly
Race-proven layout
Many build choices
Not as light as a few carbon options
Might Be overly race-focused for a few
This is a bike that requires absolutely no introduction, especially in case you obey the UCI Downhill World Cup series. Piloted by World Cup hotshot Amaury Pierron, the Commencal Supreme has become a regular podium visitor around the race . In reality, when viewing the racing, it is physically possible to view how well the bike is currently functioning when urinating at the toughest circumstances. This is partially down to the high-pivot suspension layout – a system that provides the back wheel an extremely straight and uninterrupted axle route once the suspension is compressed. The idler design might appear strange, but it is a system which prioritizes work over form. Simply speaking, this suspension system ensures it is very efficient at hunting for traction and moving from the manner of barriers.

A raked-out 63.8-degree headset angle flattens steep terrain and extended achieve dimensions throughout the size range maintain the eye-watering high rates stable.

In reality, the Supreme 29 works nicely and can be so regulated that it has a slow-motion impact when calculating attributes on the road. It permits you to stay that little wealthier, constantly keeping a firm grasp of hands no matter what’s passing beneath the wheels. It favorably calms confidence, and it is not until you consider the stopwatch to observe that prior documents are demolished. This is a bicycle for your racer, a very fast one at that.

Greatest Mountain bicycles: hardtails
Hardtails are mountain bicycles that match a stiff frame with a suspension fork. Because of their simple design, hardtails are easier to maintain and generally more affordable than full-suspension bicycles, making them ideal for new riders or people on a budget. The back end also helps teach correct line decision. Hardtails are often milder too, making them popular among weight-savvy XC bandits.

A flexible shred-ready hardtail that does not violate the bank

Cost: #1,599.99 | Traveling: 130mm | Groupset: Shimano SLX/XT | Length: Metal | Wheelsize: 29

Factoring in the purchase price, the functionality and the part choice, we believe the Vitus Sentier is an unbeatable package. If you are looking to hone your abilities, split the road facilities or beast the regional loop it ticks pretty much each box.

The simple-but-well-controlled 130mm traveling Fox 34 fork carries the no-nonsense method of absorbing hits and supplying traction. Its air-sprung damper can also be a cinch to install. A pair of Shimano SLX brakes provide lots of stopping power together with great reliability.

Beneath the contemporary and confidence-inspiring geometry is a set of hyper grippy Schwalbe tires, which offer predictable traction in all from ankle-deep dust into cluttered winter ruts. This is a place where many cheaper bicycles fall short thus having appropriate rubber in the get-go is a bonus. If 29-inch wheels are not something Vitus also supplies a 27.5-inch variant of this Sentier.

Very best mountain bicycles: e-bikes
The e-MTB has altered the game. They are a complete hoot to ride along with the pedal-assist motor permits all riders, irrespective of expertise or fitness, to ride faster for more. They are also perfect for gravity addicts since they behave as a private shuttle to the trailhead.

Greatest e-MTB
Greatest e-MTB motors