Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 50

The Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 50

Are you ready to take on the trails but not sure which helmet to get? Our 3-minute Buyer's Guide to best Mountain Bike Helmet under 50 will help you choose the right helmet for you.

You'll be able to save time and money if you have just finished reading our beginner's guide mountain biking.

We've put together a quick buyer's guide of the top mountain bike helmets on the trail.

Based on your budget, we've divided our guide into two sections:

  • Mountain bike helmet below $50
  • Mountain bike helmet below $100

We don't include any MTB helmets that are cheap in our top picks.

Mountain biking helmets can be expensive enough. We don't see any reason to compromise safety for a few bucks. You can start shopping right away. There's some great deals on MTB helmets here.

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The 2021 Best Mountain Bike Helmet under 50

Are you short on time? Here are our top picks for mountain bike helmet below $50 and $100. For full reviews, scroll down.

The Best Mountain Bike Helmet under 50

THE Industries Arcus

industries arcus mtb helmet

All enduro helmets are very attractive to me. And, the design THE Industries have used for their Arcus helmet is certainly enduro inspired.

It weighs in at 320g and is extremely light. However, you will pay a few more dollars than the Giro.

The 17 exhaust vents ensure that you can breathe as well as Giro. This is especially important for trail riders who do big climbs. You don't want your body to heat up.

It may not be perfect at first. There's a 3-way adjustment available so that you can get the perfect fit in no matter how small.

The back has a dial to complement the 3-way adjustment. This dial is used to adjust the helmet's fit.

Fox Flight

fox flight mtb helmet

The Fox Flight helmet is more like a BMX helmet than a MTB helmet. This helmet is great for trail and downhill riding.

Originally, I just liked the basic look.

However, it has become a favorite of mine after I have used it many times.

Although breathability isn’t great, it is more than sufficient if the trails are equally downhill/uphill with little in the way of steep climbs.

It's extremely comfortable, I discovered.

I expected something simple, but it isn't.

You might think that protection is compromised at $50. But it's not.

I hit a tree head-on at 20mph+, and the impact was evenly distributed. I got on my bike and continued.

This helmet is worthy of being considered for the top spot in the MTB helmets under $50.

Fox MTB Helmets

THE Industries Arcus Or Fox Flight?

Which mountain bike helmet is the best under $50?

Based on my personal experience, the Fox Flight is a great choice. One thing I have to complain about is the lack of breathability on steep climbs. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. You can check out some great mountain bike helmets here.

Fox Racing is a great brand. I have never been disappointed with any of their goggles, boots or helmets. Their gear is top-notch, regardless of whether it's MTB kit or MX.

It's a great overall package, and it's a lot cheaper than THE Industries Arcus. I believe it deserves to be the top MTB helmet under $50.

I think I might increase my budget after all the great trails I have ridden in my Fox Flight.

This helmet is not bad, but it could use some improvements in comfort, breathability, and adjustment.

Best MTB Helmet Under $50

The Best Mountain Bike Helmets Below $100

Fox Racing Flux

fox flux mtb helmet

At the lower end of the under $100 range, we've got the Fox Flux. Fox is a favorite of mine, if you haven't guessed.

This is more than what I have, but the design alone makes it worth it.

The Fox Flux helmet's breathability is what sets it apart from other Flight models. There are 20 vents that allow air to flow through the helmet.

The EPS shell will be obvious. It's going give you a little more protection and head coverage than an average XC helmet. This is great for technical and tight trails.

The visor can be removed. You can remove the visor to get extra vision on dull days.

Fox MTB Helmet Deals

Giro Chronicle MIPS

mtb helmet

If you fancy stretching right up to the $100 mark, you've got the option of the Giro Chronicle MIPS.

This lid is made for heavy climbing and feels more breathable than vented.

This means that you will get temperature regulation and not straight up airflow. This means it is suitable for both hot and cold conditions.

The dial at the back will ensure the perfect fit. This helmet offers more than just adjustment for basic tension. It also allows you to adjust vertical fit.

Coolmax is a moisture-wicking material that you will find in any breathable outdoor gear. It's a pretty good one, too.

The Coolmax fabric dries quickly and stays dry no matter what the weather is like.

Giro MTB Helmets

Bell 4Forty

bell 4 forty mtb helmet

The Bell 4Forty is a worthy contender for the top spot, coming in on budget at under $100.

More people are switching to Bell from Giro. They have made significant progress in the MTB and Motocross industries.

Although it's not a good idea to just buy the design, it does look pretty cool.

Cool, right? The ventilation offered by the 4Forty is almost as good as the Giro Chronicle. It's not quite level-pegging, but it's close.

It's very comfortable but it lacks the adjustment that the Giro has.

Comfort foam is found around the temple and ear. It sounds good. It makes wearing glasses of any type a chore.

Bell MTB Helmets

Fox Racing Flux and Giro Chronicle MIPS or The Bell 4Forty

Which mountain bike helmet is the best under $100?

Being the cheapskate I am, I won't pay more for a semi-budget option unless I can see significant improvements in performance.

Okay, the Flux MTB helmet isn't cheap. But, the Fox Flux is certainly the helmet I'd be leaning towards.

It's because my $40 lid has much less performance and breathability than the one I have currently. It would be Christmas for me.

The Giro Chronicle helmet is the perfect choice if gear-crazy you are.