best mountain bike helmet under 100


Six of the best mountain bike helmet under 100 

These great, best mountain bike helmet under 100 will protect your head and bank 

Mountain biking isn't the most affordable of sports. However, if you do your research, you can find the best MTB helmet technology for a reasonable price.

It's important that you consider these things when shopping for a new helmet. First, MTB helmets provide greater head coverage than road bikes helmets. They also have visors to keep the sun from your eyes. Ventilation is another important feature. Ventilation is another important aspect to consider. MIPS, Koroyd, and WaveCel are just a few of the many protective technologies available. These provide additional protection from linear and rotational forces that can occur from impact. Even if the helmet does not contain this technology, it must have passed the European Cycle Standard (look out for the EN-1078 mark).

We've done the hard work for you, so if you hate searching through online shops to find bargains, we have good news. Here are some options to enhance your head protection without breaking the bank.


Biking on a budget: best mountain bike helmet under 100

1. Lazer Coyote

The Coyote is available with and without MIPS
The Coyote can be purchased with or without MIPS(c), Lazer

Price: 69.99-89.99

The all-new Lazer Coyote was launched in spring 2019. It set new standards for trail lids that are stylish, durable and affordable. The lid features a TS+ fitting system that allows for incremental adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. It was designed for enduro riders. Because the lid is designed to fit all types of eyewear, even goggles and goggles, the strap can rest comfortably within the channel at the back. Its ventilation capabilities have also been carefully considered. There are large ports all over the shell to optimize airflow.

The Lazer Coyote comes in eight matte colour options and three sizes. It is priced at just PS70 without MIPS and can be ordered with MIPS for an additional PS20.

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2. 2.

Is there a MIPS lid for the 80? The Tactic III(c), Specialized is the best choice

Price: 80

Specialized, a brand that has been around for decades, knows a lot about mountain biking protection and riding. The Tactic III MIPS MTB Helmet is built with confidence-inspiring technology and is designed for those who want to push the limits. The Tactic III MIPS MTB helmet features a 4th Dimension Cooling system to increase airflow around the head. It also has a Versatile hairPort SL II system with different height positions and an adjustment dial that allows for the perfect fit.

The Tactic III MIPS is available in three sizes and four color options from Specialized. It's a great choice for any mountain terrain.

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3. Endura Hummvee

Although it's no frills, the Hummvee will protect you from any spills
The Hummvee isn't fancy, but it will protect you against any spills (c) Endura

Price: 42.99

From the protectionists who take care of Danny MacAskill, Endura's mountain bike helmet range features the understated Hummvee.

The Hummvee lid is a basic helmet that offers no frills. It has certified protection, an adjustment dial to fit, and a removable padded lining you can wash and change. It also features an integrated bug-net and removable visor. Endura's Endura Product Guarantee and Crash Replacement Policy fully cover it. You'll get a lot for your money by choosing from seven different colour options.

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4. Leatt DBX 2.0

The DBX 2.0's visor has been specially designed to break away in a crash
The DBX 2.0's visor was designed to be detached in a crash(c. Leatt).

Price 79.99

Since its inception, Leatt has been designing neck braces that are both award-winning for mountain bikers and moto riders. The DBX 2.0 all-mountain trail helmet offers its own version MIPS, Turbine Technology. This is claimed to reduce impact-induced rotational accelerations to the head and brain of up to 40%. This visor is specially designed to disintegrate in the event that there is a crash. This helps to reduce the chance of injury.

The DBX 2.0 features 20 large vents that run throughout the structure. This will help you stay cool even at low speeds. The DBX 2.0 also includes a removable, moisture-wicking, antiodour padded liner.

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5. 5.

13 vents should keep your head cool even on the toughest climb
13 vents will keep you cool, even when climbing the most difficult climb(c).

Price 69.99

The Bell Spark MIPS MTB Helmet is another bargain. The Spark MIPS MTB helmet is sleek, minimal and minimalist. It has 13 large air vents that promote airflow around your head, and MIPS technology packed under the peak.

Bell's Fusion process is used to bond the in-Mold polycarbonate shell to the EPS foam liner to make a stronger helmet. The Spark comes in seven vibrant colours, but it is made to fit all. The helmet is adjustable to fit comfortably regardless of how big or small your head.

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6. SixSixOne Reset

The Reset offers an ABS shell and ace protection capabilities for sub-PS100
The Six Six One Reset has an ABS shell and ace protection capabilities.

Price: 84.99

Are you looking to explore the wilder trails? Or do you prefer something that provides more coverage? Six Six One's Reset full-face helmet is a great choice. The market was flooded with the Reset full-face mountain biking helmet when it was first introduced. It was rare to find a full-face helmet made by a trusted brand with brilliant colours for less than 100. The Reset lid's lightweight ABS shell, dynamic designs and protection abilities have been well-received since its inception.

The Reset is available in many sizes and colours.