Best lightweight mountain bikes under 10kg


Discover our Selection of the very best lightweight mountain bicycles: alternatives that unite stunning acceleration and XC rate with superlative aesthetics

Sub 10 kilos (22lb) has always been a standard for the greatest lightweight mountain bicycles. But with XCO courses getting increasingly more specialized and riders requiring larger mountain bike tires as well as also the best dropper articles to handle them, 10kg bikes are rarer than ever before. Our top ten demonstrates there are still some sweet rides on the market in the event that you know where to look. Whether you are interested in to have an ultimate-spec complete suspension bike like Scott’s Spark RC 900 SL AXS, a street bike weight framework out of Specialized or a super-unique frameset, there is something for everyone on this listing.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to inform any difference in the ride of a 10.2kg bicycle and a 9.8pound bike but the psychological/bragging rights importance of moving under 10kg is enormous. Developments and needs of riders mean it is tougher than ever to reach this goal however. 29-inch wheels, wheels and tires will always be thicker than 27.5-inch or even 26-inch (remember them?) But their smoother rate makes them an XC essential. Some high racers such as Nino Schurter are regularly using 2.4in tires today also, while some are broad rim or broad handlebar fans.

The majority of the world’s speediest racers are currently using dropper articles for additional control on hard courses even though a 400-500g penalty over posts that are fixed. Enormous cassettes mean more straightforward 1x broadcasts tend to be heavier than old dual chainring setups also. Remote control suspension adds substantial weight, but most racers will not be without it for hammering smoother climbs.

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Best lightweight mountain bicycles under 10kg
(Picture credit: Specialized )
Specialized S-Works Epic AXS HT
Crazy light but nevertheless hyper-fast pleasure on tastier trails

Traveling: 100mm/HT
At 820g to get a moderate frame with back axle and seat (averaging 760g/1.72pound without), Specialized’s fresh S-Works Epic HT framework would be the lightest mass-production mountain bicycle chassis it is possible to purchase. Not only can it be offered in a complete assortment of sizes – like the Unno – every size has a slightly different’Rider First’ layup to supply the ideal ride-feel. The super-skinny, blade high chair remains combine with a intentionally damped 30.9millimeter seatpost to provide a really pliable in-the-saddle ride. The fork crown employs a brief offset for additional stability and also the head angle is more comfy at 68.5-degrees. Insert’brief for XC’ 60-70mm stalks and 760mm wide handlebars as conventional plus it is a surprisingly written charger on descents. The 30.9millimeter seatpost size provides you with a complete assortment of dropper alternatives, also.

If you are taking a look at a sub 9kg bicycle though you are likely mainly about the acceleration climbs and kick, and Epic certainly delivers here. It is not’Euro laboratory evaluation’ rigid underfoot but there is no hint of morale-sapping spin as the revs drop and the torque peaks. Specialized also matches a Quarq electricity meter for this flagship AXS spec as normal since it knows watts are vitally important to racers as weightreduction. The automated bump sensor built to the Brain fork enables you to tune the rigid-to-flowing equilibrium in a distinctively binary mode and frees you up from fretting about distant levers, also. It has got practical in addition to podium-hunting detail using a threaded bottom bracket clearance and fit to get up to 2.4in tires.

Decades of encouraging most of the world’s best racers imply its brand kit is severely mild, but its low spoke count (24 upfront) wheels might be somewhat wayward when worked hard. If you can not manage this flagship you will find four distinct complete Epic HT bicycles down to #2,250 along with a frame-only alternative.

Orbea’s fully inflexible racer stands outside to the scales and on the start line

Traveling: Entirely rigid
Concerning frame fat, Orbea’s carbon fiber Alma OMR race hardtail is not crazy mild at over 1kg, however they have done something radical to receive full bicycle weight low enough to kill the climbs. Based on what fork you operate, Orbea’s 550g Spirit Rigid fork will help save you 800-1000g more than a 100mm suspension device to deliver complete bike weight nicely under 9kg. The kinked, super-flat top tube is made to help dissipate the excess jolt coming from front also, even though the long, tapered, carbon legs provide a smoother ride than you would anticipate. The super-slim remains are intended for additional flex but there is still lots of meat round the cranks and chainstays for kicking difficult and producing that low-fat count. The fork is also the exact same span as a 100mm travel device therefore trapping around won’t disturb the nimble, short wheelbase handling.

The identical OMR framework looks on the top four Alma versions using another four Alma versions employing the slightly milder OMP frames. No matter your starting point, Orbea’s’MyO’ customization app enables you to pick and mix from a selection of elements to song price, weight and personality. You may even select from several color choices (completely custom on the very best versions ) so you obtain a really personalized Alma constructed for you in Orbea’s Basque factory. The direct sell version means they are usually great value too but you’ll need to wait longer for delivery than if you decide on an off-road bike out of the regional store.

Forward Geometry is not as rad as it had been, however, Podium still seems amazing and rides just like silk

Traveling: 100mm/HT
Unbelievably light
Leaf appeared ride texture
Mondraker has now redesigned the Podium hardtail for 2021, therefore it’s a more traditional appearance but retains its light weight and’Forward Geometry.’ The brand asserts it has generated the world’s lightest production frameset.

Produced on DH race tracks because of the job of Unno’s Cesar Rojo and many others, Forward Geometry has been the spark stage for the present tendency for super-short stalks on prolonged reach frames. Mondraker was the first mainstream manufacturer to be ballsy enough to utilize the notion right across its scope from gravity bicycles to cross legged machines. The Podium was made some time ago now but the 2021 version’s geometry was refreshed, bringing a 463mm hit, 68.5-degree headtube angle, and also a 70mm stem on a size big.

If you are able to afford the cost for this monster of a hardtail, then you are going to be smashing the climbs in virtually no time.

Shock-shrugging, grip-boosting relaxation and ensured path strength but heavy weight

Traveling: 100mm/HT
Super-smooth ride texture with functional attributes
Lifetime guarantee framework
Wheel toughness
High weight to get a race framework
No electrical shifting
Santa Cruz’s first Highball race hardtail was so rigid it might make your toes numb in under one hour in the incorrect shoes and rattle out teeth on rugged descents. That meant we weren’t expecting an easy ride once we fulfilled its new race pole. Santa Cruz has fully reversed priorities together with the new Highball however, realizing that combating fatigue and maintaining performance is more important than supreme power punch. Though the 69.5-degree head angle remains fairly snappy the 450mm reach (big size) is extended to get an XC bike, which helps calm controller on flat-out fast segments. The framework compliance also markedly enhances the bike’s ability to conform to the road for grip in addition to reducing the possibility of being rattled offline or ricocheting intentionally off stones and drops. Despite eliminating over 200g in the older framework it will get a no weight limit, no questions asked, lifetime frame guarantee.

Riders may also decide to equip their Highball using Santa Cruz’s Reserve carbon wheels. They are covered with a likewise no-nonsense lifetime guarantee and the ride texture is clearly damped and jolt smoothing instead of skittish and funny. This means that you can hit things hard without worrying about relaxation levels or building quality and it is going to work good as a daily driver.

Not enough, power delivery undoubtedly is not too tight as some pure racers, but road link and rollover performance are exceptional.

Trek’s’beneath sock key’ is super tidy and incredibly punchy but expensive and not quite as mild as you might anticipate

Traveling: 100mm/60mm
A couple years back today, Trek made an all-new kind of full-suspension bicycle, with what it calls’Isostrut,’ a little but complete feature remote controller Fox air shock, concealed within a Kashima golden stanchion that bolts to the cutaway upper tube. The horizontal bend stays subsequently extend forward to some tube which slides across the stanchion, attached to the jolt via top and bottom slots which also cease twist. Insert a key pivot just above and in front of the chainring and you have 60mm of travel including all the regular shock speed, strain and damping adjustments and also a remote control lockout. Fewer pivots and linkages mean decreased mass and upkeep and in addition, it provides an extremely clean framework appearance with space for 2 bottle cages when the race/ride is hot or long.

Trek has committed hard into the concept also, without a carbon-framed, only hardtail bikes in its own XC lineup. ProCaliber 9.7 and under utilize its road-bike-derived’IsoFlex’ scissor framework. Meanwhile, the brand new Trek Top Fuel beefs up from the past super-light and twangy incarnation, becoming 115mm of traveling out back together with slacker angles, longer attain and a far stiffer energy and precision-friendly ride.

While we have not analyzed the Isotrut-equipped Super Caliber however, the best racers on the planet appear to have no difficulty making it move quickly on the paths. This really is an extremely”XC” bicycle, so the exceptional design surely will not be for everybody.

Scott’s all-conquering complete suspension racer/raver Receives the Greatest part package

Traveling: 110mm/100mm
The present RC900 SL rolls 29er wheels and, regardless of the fact it is a relatively old framework geometry, remains more innovative and technology trail-ready than many. It is more than precise enough to get very aggro using too, though singletrack speed fiends should have a look at the non-RC Spark versions that get 120mm of travel and therefore are still lighter than many race frames. In any event, the most recent iteration also gets the very best Spark suspension by way, together with appropriate chunder-calming, speed-breeding functionality in its own’Open’ style. Push the TwinLoc activate on the pub though and you’ll be able to tap right to a tauter, diminished traveling’Traction’ style for feisty climbs or completely lock it for sprinting, which reaction is matched by front fork, also.

A sub-1,800g chassis weight whole with shock and all of the trimmings still gets the lightest, mass-production, full-suspension framework around.

This year’s SL variant really is your supreme Spark spec, full with Syncros carbon spoked wheels, incorporated Fraser cockpit, Fox SC33 forks plus a complete package of SRAM’s game-changing AXS wireless groupset.

Unique features construct an ultra-fast racer however top-dog spec includes a sharp sting

Traveling: 100mm/HT
Number 8,999.99
Surprisingly true single leg fork
Super-light framework
Enve apparel is unkind
Steering could be snatchy
Cannondale is just another brand that’s always had racing near its own maxed-out heart and also the F-SI Hi-Mod is filled with typically left-field capabilities.

Most evident is that the Ocho fork, the most recent edition of a left-leg-only suspension household that is now 20 years old. The cantilevered single crown carbon fork (older Lefty forks were twice crown) makes it the lightest Cannondale fork nonetheless and it is also competitively smooth when you discover the setup sweet place. After a double decade over the faceted, inset needle-bearing leg technology, the monitoring is still a mind bender but you will quickly learn how to get the most out of it on competitive overtakes or tire ripping turns. The 55mm fork counter and short stems as regular make for extremely quick steering even though a balanced appearing 69-degree mind angle. The relatively short reach (440mm on a sizable ) and wheelbase make it a remarkably responsive ripper that requires a constant guts if things get nasty as opposed to a naturally ride.

The Ballistec carbon framework shaves weight using a narrow shell 30mm press-fit bottom bracket and it had been among the very first to embrace street bike design’Flat Mount’ disk brake fittings. Additionally, it utilizes a Cannondale-specific Ai wheel counter which you want to factor in if updating however, with ENVE carbon rims as standard with this World Cup copy, that is not likely to be a problem for power-and-precision fiends. It is worth pointing out this top-end Enve pub, article and rim-loaded construct rides apparently stiffer and much more rattly within the rough stuff than lower-priced versions with much more compliant wheelsets. This makes the F-SI Carbon two our choice of this Cannondale package at half of the cost of this Hi-Mod World Cup, even though the magnificent retro paint projects of this limited edition’Throwback’ framesets will be difficult to resist for people who recall the Tinker Juarez and Cadel Evans glory days of Cannondale.

Merida’s proven racer remains among the lightest round if you are able to tame it

Traveling: 100mm/96mm
Merida’s Ninety-Six is a completely proven system, developed together with some of the very seasoned top-level racers. It was also among the very first 29er full-suspension bicycles to dip beneath the 10kg mark as a result of some 1,760gram claimed framework weight. Should you like your managing fast and your eyeglasses whippy it is still up there at the speedy bike ranks, also.

As its name implies that the CF5 carbon fiber framework provides 96mm of rear-wheel traveling by means of a short-stroke Fox jolt with a distant lockout lever. You receive a whole pivot bearing set up, not only flex remains, therefore even at 25 percent sag you truly receive a very luxurious ride if you operate the compression damper completely open. That is fantastic for rooty/rocky grip and creating the back travel look more than it is, but we could see most racers defaulting into the midst Trail setting to get a tighter, more pedal-friendly feel.

An upgrade to some 148mm Boost back end has enhanced rear-end stiffness along with the change to a 44mm counter fork has also added some stability into the steering system. That only means that the 70-degree head angle is currently only fast instead of outright frenzied and the skeletal framework means it is still more pliable than true in general sense. To be honest the super-light, minimum tread Continental Race King Race Sport tires are not going to offer enough grip to taxation the steering anyway.

The Reynolds TR429 brakes are a tight monitoring set-up if you would like to place something toothier on and also the most recent XTR with this 9.9000 variant is similarly optimistic and punchy in texture in comparison to the prior obscure variant of Shimano’s flagship group. Unless you are a diehard double chainring enthusiast the front mech tab on the rear tube does seem a little awkward though and certainly dates the framework.

Traveling: 100mm/HT
Outstanding lightweight performance package
Reasonable price compared to other high specs with this listing
Geometry and ride personality is conventional as Opposed to radical
Canyon has increased from a tiny trailer-based spares’store’ in German XC races into a international bike-brand superpower having an abysmal variety of World Cup and World Championship race wins under its belt.

This top-line hardtail comes with a 69-degree headtube angle, 1,154millimeter wheelbase, and 455mm hit a size big. Additionally, it receives a sweet exclusive paint project, and also the complete construct comes in at 8.9 kg.

SRAM also supplies the braes with Level Ultimates attracting the stopping power. Reynolds Blacklabel XC brakes are paired with Maxxis tires to help keep you rolling.

There are numerous other Exceed versions to pick from using more wallet-friendly assemble kits. They feature the identical framework geometry but may have different parts and will be thicker.

Weight: 790g | Traveling: HT framework | Groupset: N/A

Even when you’re not likely to have the ability to pay for the $4,000 frame cost or just one size does not fit you, it is worth checking out the Unno site as an artwork gallery of aspiration bicycle design and building demonstration. It has taken ex-World Cup racer and Mondraker collaborator, Cesar Rojo, along with his group more than four years to produce the svelte carbon sculpture of their Aora. The business just makes 50 frames per year in its own clean Barcelona layout and production center.

In 790g (fully equipped) it is the lightest’generation’ MTB framework available though and that is not the only distinctive thing about it. A 67-degree headset angle with nominal 85mm head tube elevation and super-short 418mm chainstays provide it an ultra-responsive kick but progressive handling. The nude end and flowing lines also give it cursory looks until you pick it up.

If you’re seeking exactly the exact same handmade focus on detail and limited-edition exclusivity at a complete suspension bicycle then Unno’s Horn has the exact same radical geometry but with 100mm of rear travel. At 1,600gram without back shock and back axle, it is not the lightest FS alternative, but you’re receiving accurate double linkage swingarm freedom instead of simply a flexy seat stay design. It is available today but you may need a while to save up.

Best lightweight mountain bicycles: everything you Want to understand

Another major weight reduction that racers are now habitually paying is choosing for a full-suspension bicycle as opposed to among those greatest hardtail mountain bicycles . Unless it is a super-smooth or strength-sapping high-altitude course the majority of the men’s World Cup XCO area is going to be on a double-damped rig, and also an increasing number of girls are lining up on complete sus every race. They are far more enjoyable and forgiving beyond the tape if you are not a totally competition-focused rider. That necessarily means a roughly 250g rear shock and pivot bearings, other mounting hardware and additional frame components piling on the weight. Because of this, the ultra-light 1,750gram Scott Spark remains 900g thicker compared to the hardtail Scott Scale and many head-to-head, in-brand comparisons are substantially thicker. Softail bicycles like Trek’s brand new Supercaliber or BMC’s TeamElite divide the difference in weight and complete suspension work to the stage where neither manufacturer now sells a traditional fixed framework pro-level bike.

2. Race Proven

Talking of race replicas, you will frequently realize that manufacturers sell premium versions which are even lighter than the bicycles their team riders utilize. That is generally because of host requirements (RockShox SID forks are thicker than Fox SC32, Shimano XTR is thicker compared to SRAM XX1 etc.) but occasionally they simply match cost-no-object component combinations to make a super-light show stopper such as Scott’s Spark RC 900 SL AXS.


Some bicycles such as Orbea’s rigid forked Alma M-Ltd are lightened farther than many people would respect sensible and Niner’s Air 9 RDO may be fitted using a series tensioning eccentric bottom bracket so that you may move single-speed and ditch gears completely. Ultra-boutique brands such as FRM create complete jelqing assembles while Unno just hand-build its own Aora hardtail in one size. If you truly wish to find out what is possible then click the notorious gram hating hangout

NB: We have had to rely chiefly on producers weights for this particular run down, so in the event that you would like to be certain of weights take your own scales with you whenever you go shopping. Please contact us if some of those numbers are correct off so we are able to upgrade the feature for everybody else.