best cycling sunglasses under 50

13 best cycling sunglasses under 50 Protect your eyes without having to spend a lot

You can spend a lot on sunglasses for cycling, but it's not necessary. Our selection of cycling sunglasses ranges from 2.99 to 45.

  • You can find very good sunglasses for as low as four pence, even though the  best cycling sunglasses under 50 are expensive.
  • For high-quality eyewear, look for brands such as Tifosi and Northwave, Lazer, Decathlon’s Rockrider, Wiggle’s dhb marquee, Endura, Northwave, and Decathlon's Rockrider.
  • Multiple lenses in a set allow for flexibility to deal with all lighting conditions.
  • Cheap cycling sunglasses are not known for having lenses that respond to changing light conditions. However, we have found one example.'s latest buyer's guide to sunglasses is now available. Here you will find our selection of 13 best affordable sunglasses.

Our website will help you learn more about how to buy cycling glasses and what to look out for in fit and lenses. Guide to the Best Cycling Sunglasses

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 best cycling sunglasses  under 50

13 best cycling sunglasses for under $50

Cheap cycling glasses used to be best avoided. They were of poor optical quality and made you look like someone who was in a low-budget sci fi film.

These days are long gone. The quality of eyewear has improved, with manufacturers focusing on style and quality. You can trust even inexpensive cycling glasses to protect your eyes against the damaging ultraviolet rays.

Madison Stealth glasses -- P27.99 (link is external).

2020 Madison Stealth Glasses 1.jpg

Tredz (PS27.99), Cyclestore, and Amazon (PS34.95) offer immediate purchase.

Madison's Stealth sunglasses are stunning riding shades at an extraordinary price. Frameless frames offer a nearly uninterrupted field of vision, and the bronze mirror lens makes it easy to see through on cloudy or bright days.

These sunglasses are a great choice if you want a pair of high-quality sunglasses at a reasonable price. These sunglasses provide excellent coverage, keep your face safe, are comfortable for long rides, and offer great lenses.

It is a beautiful lens to use, with blue and silver options available. Vision is clear in bright and lightly overcast conditions, with many road imperfections easily visible from a distance.

If you require prescription lenses, Madison's PS4.99 RX insert can be fitted.

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Locate a Madison dealer (link is external).

dhb PhotoChromatic half frame sunglasses --  30.00 (link is external).

2020 dhb PhotoChromatic half frame sunglasses.jpg

Purchase now at Wiggle (PS30.00), Chain Reaction cycles (PS30.00).

The dhb Photochromatic half frame sunglasses provide decent performance in all conditions, without being too technical or expensive. They are also very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, which is something I'm happy with.

Photochromatic technology works well for most of the time. They react more to subtle changes than sudden, extreme changes like harsh morning/evening sunlight. Even though they are slower, it doesn't make them any less valuable.

They are able to withstand the gradual, steady darkness at dusk. Their optical clarity has not been compromised. They have not been removed in low light.

Decathlon's Rockrider Photochromic Glasses are worth a look if they come back in stock (link is external).

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Locate a dhb dealer

Madison Code-Breaker Glasses 3-Lens Pack -- PS43.99 (link is external).

2020 Madison Code Breaker Glasses

The Madison Code Breaker Glasses Three Lens Pack offers a stylish pair of shades that offer decent coverage, strong performance, and lenses for all occasions - all at a very affordable price. These glasses are not completely fog-free and can be difficult to put together if you swap them.

The twist lock system makes it easy to swap the lenses of Code Breakers. The upper frame has a swiveling lock in the middle. With the arms at 45 degrees angles, the lower frame and lens will fall away. It's then easy to bend the lower section and remove the clip from the lens.

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Locate a Madison dealer (link is external).

Galibier Surveillance Precision Optics glasses -- P37.00 - P42.00 (link is external).

Galibier Surveillance Precision Optics glasses - Tortoiseshell and gold - worn.jpg

The Surveillance Precision Optics sunglasses by Galibier provide great all-round vision. These sunglasses are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and a great value for the quality.

Two options were tested: with a Smoke Plasma Mirror Lens and with a Gold Plasma Lens. The gold lens is coated to improve contrast and reduce glare. Both lenses work flawlessly, with very clear optics and no distortion.

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Tifosi swick --PS22.50 (link is external).

Tifosi Swick Onyx Blue Fade glasses-1.jpg

Amazon (PS16.10) and Merlin Cycles (PS22.50) are the best places to buy now. Cyclestore (PS26.99) is also available.

Tifosi's Swick sunglasses for cycling are comfortable on the bike. However, they don't look too bad off it. They're great for mixed-use.

These sunglasses have a classic look due to their square lenses. They don't wrap around your face like more sporty cycling sunglasses, but they are still comfortable enough for riding. The optics are excellent and the lens is dark enough to be used on sunny days.

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Locate a Tifosi Dealer (link is external).

Tifosi Intensive -- PS33.79 (link is external).

Tifosi Intense sunglasses

Shop now at Wiggle (PS24.99), Amazon, and Chain Reaction Cycles. (PS26.93).

Tifosi is well-known for making high-quality cycling sunglasses at a very affordable price. These single-lens glasses are no exception. These well-made sunnies are comfortable and have good fog resistance. These sunnies come with three lenses, so they can be used all year.

Rockrider ST100 -- P2.99 (link is external).


Decathlon (PS7.99) - Buy Now

These bargain cycling glasses, available at sports superstore chain Decathlon for only three pence, are hard to go wrong with. They're light, comfortable, and less expensive than a cup of coffee or a slice of cake. They're great if you're willing to put up with the inevitable "safety glasses." You're a jibe, and you're in control of the eye-candy group.

You can also get the ST100s in yellow (link is external) or with clear lenses when it's dark (link is external).

Check out our review of the Rockrider ST100 sunglasses (previously called B'Twin Arenberg).

Polaris Aspect - PS12.00 (link is external).

Polaris Aspect glasses.jpg

Shop now at Tredz (PS12.99), Amazon, and Halfords. (PS19.99).

These smoke-tinted shields are a bargain at just over a tenner. Many CRC customers love them.

LazerXenonX1 glasses -- PS24.99 (link is external).

Lazer Xenon X1 Sunglasses.jpg

Lazer, a Belgian company best known for its helmets makes a wide variety of glasses. These Xenon X1 glasses have a Grilamid TR90 full frame design with Ultragrip temples and nosepiece to prevent them from slipping. They are lightweight at 28g, so they're barely noticeable.

Locate a Lazer dealer (link is external).

Madison D'Arcs Triple Glass Set -- PS24.95 (link is external).

Madison DArcs Triple Glasses Set.jpg

Amazon: Buy Now (PS19.50).

The D'Arcs sunglasses are a popular choice. They feature a classic wraparound half-frame design. Three lenses are available to fit different situations. However, the D'Arcs sunglasses come with a single lens design for maximum protection. To provide a non-slip, comfortable fit, the frame is covered with rubberized material.

Locate a Madison dealer (link is external).

Endura Shark glasses -- P32.29 (link is external).

Endura Shark glasses.jpg

Buy Now from Tredz (PS32.29), Cyclestore(PS32.39).

Endura, a Scottish clothing company, offers a wide range of cycling sunglasses. These are traditional styled glasses with a wraparound design. The frame is light and comfortable thanks to the vented nosepiece. Endura comes with three UV lenses that can be used in different lighting conditions.

Locate an Endura dealer (link is external).

Northwave Team Sunglasses - PS40.00 (link is external).

Northwave Team Sunglasses

Tredz (PS24.99) - Buy Now

These glasses are lightweight and offer excellent eye protection. You can choose from clear, orange or darker reflective lenses to suit different light conditions. The glasses come in a protective case with foam that protects them from damage. The package includes a bag and two additional sets of lenses.

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Locate a Northwave dealer (link is external).

Bianchi Falco glasses -- PSD39 (link is external).

Bianchi Falco glasses

These glasses, which are Euro-inspired, are lightweight and provide good value for three-lens. However, they may not be suitable for all Bianchi fans. The frames of the Falcos have a wrap-around design that is close to the eyes. They are made from Grilamid TR90. The lenses are 100% UV protected and offer excellent optical quality.

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